Sports Massage

Whether you are training for a marathon or going through rehab for an injury, a focused treatment that will target particular strains, injuries, or postural issues may be for you, Before starting, some assessing may occur on or off the table followed by a session that will likely include passive stretching and trigger point therapy. While slight pain or soreness may occur post treatment, you generally will feel a reduction in pain with an increase of range of motion at the site. Post treatment, you will receive home care advice to increase healing time.  

Remedial Massage

A remedial style massage will use similar techniques as a sports massage but the focus is more holistic in terms of full body balance. This type of treatment generally feels more relaxing but it will not mean you aren't getting a therapeutic work. Regardless of activity level, every body has something going on. Whether you slept funny or hardly slept, experience headaches after a long day at the office or suffer from high stress levels, this style of massage will set you right. At the end, you will receive home care advice that can help with long term effects. 

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is a focus treatment on specific parts where the deeper layer of muscle and connective tissue have a high amount of adhesion or stiffness. Typically, the same type of techniques in the above Massage types are used, with a greater amount of intention to those deeper levels of the body.  "Kick back" pain or soreness can happen the following day with this type of treatment but utilising stretching and heat can reduce this if it does occur. 

Prenatal Massage

I am fully qualified and highly experienced treating every stage of pregnancy - from the first few weeks all the way to delivery. While there are cautions and modifications for prenatal massage in terms of pressure, positioning on the table, and areas worked on, it is a healthy addition to your experience. As with the other services, you will receive relevant home care to your body and situation.

Stretch & Self-Massage Lesson

This session is aimed to teach you how to use those items like a foam roller or spikey ball, things that you've seen in the gym or perhaps own yourself and aren't quite sure how to use. There are a great number of uses for these items and it doesn't have to be super painful. While every session is catered to the individual, this lesson will go through common foam rolling positions, ensuring that your form is correct and you walk away feeling confident in doing what you've learned on your own.