Hailing from Toronto, Canada, I completed training in Massage Therapy in 2011 where the profession is a regulated Healthcare profession much like Physiotherapists and Chiropractics.

As part of my 2300 hours of training, I worked within specialty outreach clinics that had me working directly with actual patients. These included prenatal patients within the High Risk Obstetrical Unit in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and patients at the Brain and Spinal Rehabilitation Program within the Toronto Rehab - Lyndhurst Centre.


My education also included training in the following modalities: 

Active Release, Remedial Exercise, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Joint Mobilization,  Hydrotherapy, Myofascial Release, Fascia stretch, Scar Tissue work, Swedish Massage,   Deep Connective Tissue,  Hydrotherapy and Muscle Energy Technique (MET). 

I have gone on to take additional training in Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).

Between my schooling and over 6 years of practical experience, I have worked with a range of clients, including average desk job employee, performance artists, and from everyday athletes to the professionals, including those in the NBA, NHL, and MLB.

I am registered with CNHC which works with many private insurance companies to provide coverage for massage treatments as well as the Soft Tissue Associations (SMA), a Professional Body of that holds a national register for Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists. 

Since moving to the UK in 2017, I have begun practicing in the City and Southeast London areas, My practice focuses on the mind-body connection and treating the body as a whole and combining the understanding of a Physiotherapist with a holistic massage-based approach.


My aim is to work with your mind, body and especially your breath to break the pain cycle and restore movement to get you moving freely
without pain and back to the life you want to have.

I love introducing new clients to my unique style of massage treatment which is based in my formal Swedish training in school but also borrows stretch movement from my FST training, diaphragmatic breathing techniques to release locked tissues and de-stressing the mind, and  lastly, recognising that each client requires their own treatment which is discussed at the start of each appointment.

“I feel like a new person after every treatment. She knows how to get to all spots and give me relief from my back pain caused my my scoliosis.” 

— Sally