What to expect

While each treatments are tailored to specifically treat the individual and their main complaint, it is helpful to understand the different types of treatments you can request which you can find below.


At the start of each treatment, we will have a brief discussion on your health history including such things as activities of daily life, injuries, surgeries, sleep quality, and medications - all past and present because injuries sustained in your youth can cause you problems well into adulthood. We will also discuss your goals for the treatment and I will let you know of any possible risks and what the potential outcomes could be. 

I will then leave the room and allow you to get on the table comfortably. Throughout the treatment, I will use a coconut oil to enable the glide that is necessary in the swedish techniques but feel free to bring in your favourite scented oil if you prefer. I will drape you appropriate to the area that we are working on and will check in periodically on your comfort levels and I encourage an open dialogue with pressure, comfort, and questions on what I'm treating and why. 

Post treatment, I will give you home care stretches and/or exercises as appropriate to my findings to further the results achieved as well as give you advice to empower you to make lasting changes. 

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